Hello! Thank you for taking some time to visit my online gallery, where you'll see my artwork since 1997.
  • Mixed Media 2015

    I picked up everything in my path to bring feelings and memories to life: paper, organic materials, old letters, wax, resin, oil, string, cement, etc.

  • Drawings

    On paper I work with charcoal, oil, and varnishes, bringing out brushstrokes and stains.

  • Oil Paintings 2012

    Oil paintings on canvas created during my time living in the wild and magical Bajo de San Isidro, just outside the city of Buenos Aires.

  • Ecuador 2010

    I spent some time volunteering in a rural school in Paraiso, amidst the mountains of central Ecuador. My dwelling, my family, my pets…
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  • In the eyes of… 2008

    These photos were taken together with my partner Stefano Gioia during our travels through India and Nepal, an experience that changed us…
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  • Memories 2005

    This series of small mixed media paintings are based on early 20th century photographs of my great granparents and friends that migrated from Europe to Argentina.

  • Anonymous 2003

    “it’s meant to stop the bleeding, it lies between the lips longing for words…”
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  • Women at Work 2003

    Women cleaning their homes are taken out of context. Thank you, Fernanda and Olga, my wonderful models.

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